Informative Inspiration

I usually go on these websites at least once a day or a couple times a week.

Oh She Glows!

From homemade yoga sprays to homemade almond milk, and great green smoothie ideas, she is fabulous.

Mind Body Green

A great source for new articles on yoga and wellness. This site also has articles on nutrition and makes  it easy to know what to do when it comes to new food fads. Their content is Rethcipes approved!

Awesome home workouts from the makers of

Daily HIIT is intense, short, and made for you to feel the burn!

Back on Pointe

From fitness tips to supportive articles on dealing with disordered eating and positive body image, she has done a great job in creating a fabulously informative Tumblr! I promise you will find something interesting here.

Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth

Catherine is gorgeous, honest, and a lovely photographer. Her site is beautiful and so is she! What she has accomplished has inspired thousands, and I love trying out her recipes! She has some great ideas and her plant based diet approach really helped me in shaping my own eating choices.

Joe the Juicer

I was inspired to juice because of his documentary. Joe Cross has some great juicing recipes and gives you all the materials you need to get started at home on your own! The community here is also fabulous.


Cassey Ho has some great pilates videos on YouTube, and her posts are also very informative. She can be a little much for me, and I am not crazy about her body image message, but I do love her passion and drive for leading a healthy lifestyle.


Her vegan recipes always look delicious and her blog is easy to follow! I have to try more of her recipes, but she has some great ideas.

Crepes of Wrath

24 year old food blogger with a sense of humor. Sold.

The Honest Life

From Co-owner Jessica Alba, this site is determined to help you make better choices about the products you buy and use in your home. She has an awesome book that I read from cover to cover called the Honest Life,and for people who are sensitive to many of the chemicals in products today, it is smart to keep up with what goes into your products. I also love makeup products and knowing which ones contain the least amount of chemicals for my body to absorb all day long keeps my mind at ease.

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