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July 9, 2013

Gluten Free Girl and the Chef

Gluten Free Girl

Shauna Ahern is the Gluten Free Girl. Her adorable husband, Danny, is the Chef. She was diagnosed with celiac disease and determined to make the most of her life with food since. She is now also one of the most respected online authorities on gluten free cooking.

I love her gorgeous writing, and her recipes seem incredible! I have brought a gluten free flour mix for almost a year now, and I learn more and more about gluten all the time. I don’t have an intolerance to gluten, but I am sensitive to it, so I try to limit it as much as I can. I recently checked out their cookbook from my local library and fell in love with their love, and their love of food. I have not read about a couple so perfect for one another before, and who are so passionate about cooking. They have a gorgeous little daughter now, and their life seems amazing, filled with great food and great writing. I highly recommend this site, and hope that you are lost in the flowery language as well. She writes every recipe with an engaging story, and I find it hard to stop reading. I love that she weaves so much of her person life in the recipes, because at the end of the day, that is what we remember the most about food. I love putting recipes on here that I have tried and learned because it reminds me of a cake or a salad that I made for my family, and the connection food brings. Food is the most powerful medicine and it took me a long time to see that, but now I try as many new things as possible.



June 17, 2013

The Kitchn

Inspiring cooks and nourishing homes is so accurate.

The Kitchn

June 14, 2013

The Little Red House Shameless Plug

In the Little Red House

If I had a family like hers, and lived a life like that, I would be so happy.

I am going to take such beautiful pictures of my kids.

May 10, 2013

REVIEW: Flywheel Philadelphia

Flywheel is an incredible spinning studio located on 15th and Locust in Center City, Philadelphia. The staff was incredibly helpful and pleasant, and they have shoes for you to use with the bikes so you never have to inconvenienced by carrying sneakers to work ever again. I loved their whole aesthetic, and they just opened up in March of 2013. I decided to try the free class because they are normally $20+ per ride, which can add up for someone on a budget.

Not only is it beautiful inside, with clean bathrooms, state of the art weighted Flywheel bikes, data syncing to see your progress, and great playlists for your 45 minute session. The bikes had digital counters that measured how many calories you burned as well as weight bars on the sides of the bike to also target your arms. I went with a couple friends who wanted to try the free class like I did and I could not have been more pleased with the experience. I had a pretty intense private yoga session at the Dhyana Yoga Seva Center on 20th and Spring Garden the day before so my legs were already like jelly, and I couldn’t push myself to get to the rates they targeted in class, but i sweat a lot, and it was definitely a great time.

In Philadelphia? Want to check out their first free class? Check out Flywheel Philadelphia!

This is me post spinning and my new leggings I am officially obsessed with. I also have a pre yoga outfit post. It’s pretty apparent I just love patterns.




April 11, 2013

Fit Fab Cities

She has fabulous workouts, some of which I have done in the past, and her use of Vine to demonstrate the moves is ingenius. Check out this blog if you love food, fitness, fashion, and trying new things!

Her youtube videos are fun and effective, I love the butt ones the most.

Fit Fab Cities

March 21, 2013

Spoon Fork Bacon

As you guys know, there is a special place in my heart for a good food blog. I am not counting this one as one, obviously a. because that would be quite assuming b. because I do not have the lovely equipment or time to make it a work of art like many people do who are bloggers by profession. I consider mine more of a reflection of a 23 year old with some time on her hands but not a ton and wants a place to store her thoughts on fitness, body image, new recipes, and nurtures her love for trying new things. This is a Pinterest find, and the pictures for each of her recipes are extremely well designed, which is just so essential in a fabulous food blog. She is also hilarious when it comes to eating healthy and she has given me a plethora of recipes to work with to add some healthier swamps for my tastes. I haven’t cooked with butter or spreads or oils in a long time, so many of her recipes are giving me a great base to start from. Her site isn’t littered with advertisements and the design of it is simple, delicious, and the pastel colors make all the recipes pop.

Without further ado, check out Spoon Fork Bacon!


March 16, 2013

Skin Review, Coconut Oil

I have been using coconut oil for a while in my beauty regimen but i have wanted to take the necessary time for my skin to adjust to it before I wrote a formal review.

Things have also been busier than usual at the office, and I have had some great hours of productivity. It is funny how calming some mundane tasks like writing out return receipts for companies you are suing can be. As I have mentioned before on this blog, I don’t think a future in law is for me, at least not in its traditional form, which is what I have been doing for the last eight months in some form or another. This as been such a great learning experience for me, and I have really needed this time to figure out what I want to do. I am not close to committing to something, but it does not mean that I am not closer than I was yesterday. Our society really  emphasizes what you do and how you do it. As I have spent more time in the postgraduate world and dipped my toes into this life of paying my own bills fully, (I have tried not to have many bills but college definitely ruined that one for me) cooked more of my own food, and been more independent, (I have tried to always cook my own food for the last couple years but isn’t it funny how much you crave your mom’s cooking when you don’t have it anymore?) I have realized how much more growing up I have to do, and trying harder in some aspects of my life that I don’t think I have put all of my effort into. More on that later, but I need to go ahead and prioritize at the moment to work on myself (which I want to say is not selfish, and will stand by that I can’t be a good friend, daughter, co-worker, assistant, and overall human being if I am not happy with myself as a person first).

But anyway, back to the amazing awesome benefits of coconut oil for your skin.

I have never had softer skin on my legs then I have had now.Here are the products it replaced for me:

Shaving cream

Most lotions

Skin cleanser (I still use Cetaphil if I am feeling super dirty on my face)

Eye makeup remover

Deep conditioning hair treatments (I do this once a week because it gives my hair life)

Skin scrubs (I make a brown sugar one with vanilla that smells like dessert and exfoliates like no other)

February 22, 2013

Enlighten Up!

This is another documentary I have been watching, because my incredibly hot smart amazing has a girlfriend yoga teacher friend recommended it to me one Sunday shift. This documentary follows Kate Churchill and her guinea pig, Nick, who she picks because he has never done yoga before. She conducts interviews with renowned yoga experts and even takes him to India to practice there. This was especially beneficial to me because I do not know much about yoga as a practice besides that it feels really good to me and it is killer in detoxing me. I am more agile, more flexible, and my reflexes are better then they have ever been. I also glow. Something that feels this good can’t be a workout, or so I tell myself, but the results are awesome. I see how yoga means different things to different people, and the Western practice is an adaptation of this ancient art. There were many misconceptions she worked on reversing, and it was really enlightening to travel with her and Nick. Maybe one day when i have been practicing for years, I can go on a retreat and really have a spiritual experience like that. I can only honestly say I avidly practice for the last three months. I have sampled yoga in the past and now, it is a core component of my workout plan. I was pleasantly surprised at Nick’s skeptical attitude because it used to be me too. I think that yoga played the role it needed to in his life though, because he got more insight into what he wants to do, and I needed that for myself.


Check it out guys!




February 9, 2013

Review of MyFitnessPal

Have you guys heard of immersion or stunt journalism? In many ways, this blog is a form of that, since I am trying different fitness activities and different classes in order to educate others about different eating and fitness habits. This has quickly become very important to me, and the changes I have noticed in my body have been so rewarding. There isn’t much that jiggles on my body anymore. The level of confidence that I have gained from my time in the yoga studio or on the treadmill have been the most rewarding time in the last seven months. I don’t feel like myself when I don’t do something physical everyday. I have learned to listen to my body, and how to fuel effectively to get the most out of my workouts. I have discovered new foods, and met new people who have taught me so much about taking care of yourself. The whole your body is a temple mentality is very important to me, and one that I try to embody. Check out one of my best friends, who is such a creative and beautiful soul, who just embarked on her own fitness journey here!

I have been using MyFitnessPal for a long time now, because I wanted to see how it charted how my body changed throughout the months I have dedicated to eating cleanly and mindfully. I can confidently tell you that this app is flexible, worth it, and I can easily see why it is a cult favorite. The calorie counts depend on how much you want to lose, but unlike many fitness programs that are very struct, MyFitnessPal understands that you have days that you want to indulge. Writing down what you eat automatically makes you want to eat better, and for me, my phone is the most accessible piece of technology to track this. You can manually enter foods and they will find the calorie count for you online, which is a great option to have when you are eating out and want to see what the healthier options are in restaurants. They have every main restaurant chain’s foods and it is easy to enter your intake for the day. It never takes me more then three minutes. When you figure out how to make this a habit and you know what you are consuming, you know what has a certain amount of fat and what healthier options are. I don’t think this app is for everyone, but for my busy lifestyle and for my conscious decision to put better foods in my body, this was the perfect fit!

The other thing I love about this app is that it calculates the calories of different recipes, which is great when you cook much of your food at home! The calorie counts for different workouts are also available and the interface is user friendly. You can join with friends and keep each other accountable or you can make it a solo journey! Everyone is different when it comes to losing weight, gaining muscle, and living a better lifestyle!

Check out their site and how it works here!

Do you guys use MFP? What do you think! Feel free to friend me!


January 8, 2013

Review of Vinyasa Yoga

The 21 days of yoga challenge has been awesome so far! I started my first studio class on Thursday at Dhyana Yoga in Center City, Philadelphia. I had the most amazing experience. I dragged one of my best friends along with me to try their January special of your first class free, and it was a great decision. I signed up for the All Levels Vinyasa class with Bruno. I am not new to yoga but I never usually do studio classes because I was never in one place for long enough. Now that I have a job here, it is much easier to work my schedule around my set full time job schedule. The instructor, Bruno, is a really nice guy and we hit it off from the first class. My experience of doing the Downward Dog with every other student in the class in a silent but combined effort was nothing short of incredible. It is probably the only fitness class I have ever taken where the lack of a clock did not bother me in the slightest. I realized that I needed more of this in my life and I was going to work it out that it won’t be too expensive. One of the main reasons that I don’t work out in a formal setting is because I have a gym at home, set with a treadmill and a fitness ball and all the resistance bands you could imagine. While I have been doing yoga at home and following along with videos, it is harder, at least for me, to correct myself if I am putting too much stress on one knee or stretching the wrong way. Yoga can injure you if not done correctly, like any other fitness activity.


Having an instructor that has studied the art of yoga for years makes me feel better that I am not putting any added stressors on my body. The studio is a quaint place, with koi fished delicately painted on the worn wooden floors and a dimly lit studio with every sort of strap and brick you can imagine for different poses. I was proud that I felt a delightful kind of sore the next day, and there were so many muscles that I worked that I usually do not get around to. I signed up to work there immediately and I had training two days later. It was refreshing to see so many men in the classes. During my training session to register people for classes and workshops at the studio, I met some really cool girls who are other twenty somethings. It was great to compare stories and hear advice from people who have done it before and how their lives have shaped their practice.

Here are some life lessons I have learned from yoga:

1. You’re the only person who is standing in your way

2. Be patient with yourself and never be too harsh.

3. Be grateful your body is capable of so many great things.

4. Change hurts, but it is constant.

5. Nothing brings me a bigger smile than a hip opener. 

6. If you really love something, it’s not work.

I am sure it will teach me other things and great lessons will be coming my way. So as an early birthday gift to myself I found some great groupon deals. Here is what I bought myself and I cannot wait to start using it!

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