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July 24, 2013

Last Week: Tavern on Camac, Birthdays, Tietra Happy Hour, and Tamalex

This is has been a crazy birthday week in my life, since three of my best friends all had their birthday celebrations. I went out with one of my longtime best friends, Christy on Monday, to a cute Mexican place called Tamalex II which is honestly one of the most amazing Mexican restaurants I have ever tried in my life. I ordered a special there which was carnitas tacos with grilled cactus and I am still dreaming about how delicious the meal was. If that wasn’t enough of a reason to get you to go there, they give you huge cups of horchata for 3 dollars. Needless to say, I am obsessed and the service was incredible. I usually don’t review places I go to on Yelp, but I have decided to since the reviews have helped me so much in deciding where to go. The service was impeccable. I had a fabulous time with my two best friends there, and I cannot wait to go back. On Tuesday, after a really tough yoga session, I went to Slice with another friend because I am obsessed with their pizza. We tried their greek salad which was okay, but the best part was the amazing pizza. They do thin crust so well there. I also love that it is BYO even though I didn’t have wine to bring that night. We went to Sweet Ending after where I love the plain frozen yogurt with moshi pieces (rice cake) and coconut. On Thursday, I went to a happy hour with my boss for a community organization we work with. It was held at Tietra, which is a pretty nice bar with some awesome Mediterranean appetizers. Their hummus was amazing and fresh, as was their pita. The Chardonnay is pretty incredible as well. One of the key restaurants I went to last week was Tavern on Camac, where I met Mackenzie Hilton, the winner of Chopped and $10,000, who is now the executive chef at the Tavern at Camac. She is just as gorgeous and funny in person. Her grilled cheese with tomato soup, a comfort classic, is honestly the best grilled cheese I have ever tasted. I would go back in a a heartbeat. The deviled eggs with chive and sriracha were incredible. reasonably priced, and their house red is fabulously chocolatey. The fries were perfect and whatever was in their cheddar sauce for dipping is so addictive. iI cannot get over how fabulous of an experience it was. They did everything they could to accommodate our large party, and I was so happy that I got to go there. It is a restaurant on the bottom floor, a piano bar on the second, and a club on the third. The restaurant is open until 3am so feel free to get your late night eats on here!  I am not much of a club person but I love that this one had so many options. Hungry yet? Check it out if you are in Philadelphia!



July 1, 2013

Weekly Updates

This week was a busy one, and sorry for my lack of posts in June! It has been a whirlwind of a month, with home practice and studio practice, meeting new people, seeing old friends, reconnecting, introductions, late nights, and a heavy caseload at work.

A week ago, I tried a really cute pizzeria near Rittenhouse Square named SLiCE with a couple friends, and the food was insanely good. They had inventive toppings and we ordered Silician chicken and white cheese with truffles and mushrooms. I highly recommend it because everything is made fresh to order, the service was fast and very hospitable, and since it is BYOB, you can bring whatever you want to drink with your pizza for a great meal. I love pizza, and this place definitely hit the spot. With thin crust, how can you go wrong?

After, we tried the goodness that is the fries with cheese sauce at Shake Shack, which is heaven on earth if you haven’t found it yet. A couple days later, I could not resist a dim sum night, and those pork filled soup dumplings fill a hole in my heart that I didn’t even know was there. We got some great bubble tea at I-Green in Chinatown, with the cutest cups and incredible service. They have taro flavored frozen yogurt! If that doesn’t make you want to rush there right now, you have a heart of stone. Featured below, some awesome books I have been reading (Read Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed for some of the most beautiful writing that will make your head spin), a Phillies game night, some great baked goods from Indian bakeries, the Philadelphia sky, homemade caprese with tomatoes we grew at the house ourselves, my new obsession with kefir, and a watermelon fourth as a birthday cake for my brother’s 21st. 20130701-161436.jpg













June 10, 2013

White on Rice Couple, Dim Sum in Chinatown and Taro Fro Yo

Have you guys heard of the food blog White on Rice Couple? If you haven’t, I urge you to check out their beautiful site, puppy, and ingenious ideas for recipes! With their stories of food, travel and photography, I am transfixed by their entries, and I want to have a life where those are the main focus. They are publishing a cookbook soon, and you know I will definitely go to a Barnes and Noble on a Sunday to lounge and read about recipes while eating a sugary lemon square and a spinach and feta stuffed pretzel (this is when i turn my phone off and basically just veg out for a couple hours). I am very excited to try the Magic Custard Cake, Broccoli Mac and Cheese, Chocolate Magic Custard Cake, and the Vietnamese Pork and Shrimp Spring Rolls.

Last week was a busy one, but a good one. I went out to get my fill of dim sum at Dim Sum Garden, which definitely was not overrated. We had pockets of sesame fried dumplings with a sweet and nutty taste, soup dumplings with delicious pork, scallion pancakes, shrimp dumplings, and our sampling of delicious dumpling sauces. Oh and this was about ten dollars a person. Can you say best deal ever?

After, we walked around in search of the perfect pork bun or taro bun, but we had to settle for some pork buns. It was delicious though, and now I won’t ever be hesitant to try a pork bun. We finished the night with green tea and taro frozen yogurt, which was simply divine. Check out 11th and race if you are ever in the area! There are so many delicious options!

After, we went to the Pope on Passyunk Avenue and celebrated Beer Week! I have had this brew from Porters’ Pub in Easton, PA before, and since I am very picky when it comes to beer, I decided to play it safe. This tasted so much like banana bread!



June 6, 2013

Maha Yoga Teacher Review


Jake: He is really great to work with, has a creative flow for every class, and I especially love that he does bikram so he has some great detox poses in every sequence. Knows his alignment so well, and I always learn something from him from each class I have gone to. There is no music to his classes, which is something that usually makes time go by slower for me, but in this case, I barely notice. Love his energy, and he is really knowledgable abut any question you have when it comes to a pose.


Teagan: She has incredible flow, and her power yoga background really shows in her classes. Great playlists. In fact, the first class I ever took with her was curated to a N’sync playlist because it was boy band week. She is hilarious, has a playful spirit, and I always love her classes. She has the heart of a child, so her classes are all great for play. I have pushed myself to my limits in her classes with side crow, but I am progressing!


Zhenja: She is one of the smartest yoga teachers I have ever met. Really taught me how to understand my body and accept it, and also to push myself. We worked on neck alignment yesterday, and she taught me how to make sure i never put too much stress on one body part. I loved her sequencing of poses, and it felt really natural to me.


Justicia: Hands down my favorite yoga teacher. Really encouraging, and her practice is beautiful and awe inspiring. She is so eloquent and her passion for yoga translates in everything she does. As one of the co owners of the studio, I have respect for her because it takes a lot to be business savvy and grow so much in your yoga practice. She always has an anecdote before class that resonates with me. The hour and a half I spend in her class always flies by.


Popular yogahour classes are held at 5pm everyday and noon everyday for 7 dollars each. I love the idea  of this because it makes yoga affordable and accessible for everyone. Even though you can always practice at home and learn on your own, there is nothing like being in a studio and trying out a yoga class because you have hands on alignment and your muscles remember that instruction to shape your practice forever.

Andrea: really knowledgable about alignment, twists, deep bends, and detox poses. I love her energy and her patience. She has some great moves for every class, for instance, we used the wall to stretch our thighs yesterday. She is also another yoga teacher who doesn’t use many props in her classes like a playlist, but I like that she brings in her personality to every class, and she has some useful tips to align yourself better in the poses.

Jean Jacques: challenging flow with some great twists and good instruction. I especially liked this side threading move for a deep arm stretch that he featured at the end of class. He has definitely made my Warrior poses better.


How do you guys like Maha? Location: 17th and Sansom

Check their beautiful community out here! Maha Yoga Studio

May 30, 2013

VBarre Review at Philadelphia Sports Club

Yesterday was a hot, but nice day in Philadelphia. A perfect day to try a new fitness class.

I grabbed some free class passes from lulu lemon (perks of working at a yoga studio next door, I can always sample a fitness class if I want to because there are so many studios trying to lure clients in with their first class free). I went with a couple friends who were also love trying new fitness classes, and I heard great things about barre. I have also never been inside a Philadelphia Sports Club before and I was pleased with their fitness facilities, pool, and group fitness studio.

Vbarre combines micromovement exercises to target forgotten muscles, and I am feeling deliciously sore today. Some yoga will definitely help with that though and ease any pain later. With an air inflated ball, a polished sliding board, resistance band and 2 pound weights, we targeted some arm muscles like the triceps and the biceps, the inner and outer thigh, did some stretching, curtsies, arabesques, and plie squats. It was more like ballet boot camp though, and I am not sure if I could do this class on a regular basis. I am such a fan of yoga because I don’t look at a clock while I am there. In fact, it is usually the fastest part of my day. I like workouts like stimulate the mind and the body, since they are so intrinsically connected. I don’t have a lot of time to work out, and  anything that is a workout and therapy is definitely worth your time in my book. I loved the friendly, eager staff and the instructor was enthusiastic, motivating, and knowledgable.

What should you bring? Socks, leggings or capris that are sweat proof (because you will be dripping), and a breathable top, and good support if you’re a girl. 

Final verdict: Loved the experience and I could do it once in a while but as a lifestyle, definitely not for me. Not a barre convert, but maybe that is not fair considering I only went to one class. Since it was Vbarre at a gym and not a studio, the atmosphere is different here as well.

I love working with people who are passionate about their careers, and I am quickly realizing that is what it takes to live a long and happy life. You need to love what you do everyday. This instructor definitely knew how to keep people going through a hard class, and it truly is mind over matter. It took me learning this the hard way, but I can understand why people tell you to leave a job if it doesn’t fulfill you, to not waste time when you know something isn’t right for you, and to actually find happiness in your livelihood because it is what you will be doing for most of your hours awake. I am not perfect but I am making progress, and it is always progress not perfection that we should be working towards.

Want to try your own free barre class? Check out your local fitness gear stores to see if there are any promotional deals.

May 10, 2013

REVIEW: Flywheel Philadelphia

Flywheel is an incredible spinning studio located on 15th and Locust in Center City, Philadelphia. The staff was incredibly helpful and pleasant, and they have shoes for you to use with the bikes so you never have to inconvenienced by carrying sneakers to work ever again. I loved their whole aesthetic, and they just opened up in March of 2013. I decided to try the free class because they are normally $20+ per ride, which can add up for someone on a budget.

Not only is it beautiful inside, with clean bathrooms, state of the art weighted Flywheel bikes, data syncing to see your progress, and great playlists for your 45 minute session. The bikes had digital counters that measured how many calories you burned as well as weight bars on the sides of the bike to also target your arms. I went with a couple friends who wanted to try the free class like I did and I could not have been more pleased with the experience. I had a pretty intense private yoga session at the Dhyana Yoga Seva Center on 20th and Spring Garden the day before so my legs were already like jelly, and I couldn’t push myself to get to the rates they targeted in class, but i sweat a lot, and it was definitely a great time.

In Philadelphia? Want to check out their first free class? Check out Flywheel Philadelphia!

This is me post spinning and my new leggings I am officially obsessed with. I also have a pre yoga outfit post. It’s pretty apparent I just love patterns.




April 12, 2013

Spring Things

Spring is such a beauteous season.20130412-010232.jpg

This month will be more yoga, yoga for hours on end on the weekends.20130412-010322.jpg

My first attempt at planting my own herb garden.20130412-010244.jpg

Rittenhouse Square in the Spring.20130412-010333.jpg

Thursdays have been my back to back yoga classes.20130412-010403.jpg

Getting downward as a work break.20130412-010418.jpg

A gorgeous gift from my best friend, eco jewelry. Used to be a sari and an old bracelet.20130412-010436.jpg

February 21, 2013

Maha Yoga LivingSocial Deal $39 for a month of unlimited yoga

Believe me, if you are in Philadelphia, your body will thank you for getting this one

January 11, 2013

Free Community Yoga Class Every Week on Fridays 6:30 – 8pm at DIG Yoga

Creating an account is free. I signed up to try their class next week. I recommend studio classes highly because you learn a lot in classes that you cannot learn on your own, so it is nice to have some guidance to make sure that you are learning every pose in the way you need to for maximum benefits!

Sign up in advance!