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September 8, 2012

Easy Snacks

These are great products to keep on hand if you feel like having a snack! I swear by these awesome products and you will have variety if you mix and match everything on this list. Feel free to add your own too!

Celery sticks with Bettr’n Natural Peanut Butter

Justin’s Nut Butter Flavors (check them all out!)

Trader Joe’s Powerberries

Babybel Lights

Nonfat String Cheese (I promise you won’t notice the difference)

Organic Pumpkin Seed Trail Mix

Moe’s 100 Calorie Packs of Guacamole

Greenway Snickerdoodle Oatmeal (could be breakfast or could be a warm, yummy snack!)

Wasa Sesame Crispbread

Fiber One Oats and Chocolate Bars

Dark Chocolate squares

Unsweetened dried cranberries or cherries