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July 11, 2013

Travel Snacks

I am sure a lot of you are going on trips for the summer and looking for a good travel snack that prevents you from eating the junk on planes! Here is my go to list of things to pack that hold up incredibly and don’t need any refrigeration but give you the most bang for your buck! This is directed mostly towards my US readers because I am not sure of the international laws when it comes to international flights!

Short Flights and within the US (less than 3 hours). The ones with asterisks are good for long flights as well.

Reduced fat cheeses, string and Babybel

Fruit, bananas, apples, oranges

Dried kale chips, dehydrated is the best*

Sweet potato chips

Beet chips

Hummus, less than 3 oz



Dried figs*

Celery Sticks

Small containers of peanut butter/any nut butter*



Flax crackers, brown rice crackers*

Pita rounds/bread*

April 13, 2013

Two Ingredient Pancakes

Recovering from some stitches on my back means a lot of time where I can work on the blog, which is always nice. I couldn’t type with both hands until yesterday, and it forced me to take some time away from computers. From someone who spends over sixty hours in front of one a week, it is more than nice to take a mini vacation. Now that it is getting nicer outside, I am able to take walks outside and take a break from my desk, which is also pretty fabulous.

I had to take most of the week off from work, thankfully I worked long enough that I have sick leave. This all feels quite adult, me requesting days off and then getting paid for said sick days, and then dreading next week because I know how much work will have accumulated, but then knowing that there is so much work to be done next week. Ugh. I want to be in school forever sometimes.

Since it is on my back, and the skin needs time to grow back, which isn’t pleasant, I can’t even hit the yoga mat for a while either. I have plans to possibly go to a farmer’s market tomorrow morning since I am not as sore as the first two days, but we will play it all by ear. I can’t even drive really since any sudden movements causes stress on my back. This means a lot of time watching movies, which is one of my favorite ways to relax. Today I saw Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, which was honestly incredible. Children of Men and Safety Not Guaranteed were also on the list today, in case you guys needed some good movie recommendations.

These are¬†incredible¬† and two ingredients, so I can’t really take credit for them, but whoever decided to combine ripe bananas with eggs and make them into pancakes is a genius. The ripe banana adds just the right amount of sweetness and they retain their pancake shape very well. They are also very toppings friendly, and I had fun mixing different combinations.


1 ripe banana

1 egg

Walnuts, optional

Chocolate chips, optional

Cinnamon, optional

Chia seeds, optional

Berries, optional

1 tablespoon natural peanut butter, optional

Earth Balance buttery spread


Mash the egg and banana together until well combined. Add toppings if desired. In a skillet, add some Earth Balance and melt. Take a small amount of the mixture and pour into the skillet. They should retain their pancake shape pretty well. Cook until golden brown on each side, about two minutes on each side. Serve with your favorite toppings like berries and pure maple syrup.

You can make this a nutritional powerhouse breakfast if you want to have a green smoothie as well.