What’s Always in My Fridge

I usually always keep these on hand because I know my diet pretty well, and depending on what I make for lunch for the week (which is usually done on Sunday nights, I like to prep a big pot of something or keep salad ingredients on hand for a delicious lunch throughout the week) the stock changes. Depending on the weekend and how much cooking I get done, I usually also always have leftovers for different meals.

1. Spinach (I go through baby spinach leaves like crazy usually because I have it as a side or an ingredient in every meal)

2. Sharp cheddar cheese and Parmesan cheese (I add the cheddar onto breakfast sandwiches usually or english muffins, and use the parmesan on my polenta, tortellini, or pasta)

3. Tortellini (Bertolli usually, but also depending on the week. If it is super busy, I know that a good parmesan broth soup with tortellini, white beans, and kale is easy to whip up)

4. Kale (also depends on the week, I usually use spinach as my green smoothie ingredient since kale does not process as well, but kale is amazing in soups, as chips, and I juice sometimes)

5. Lemons (the uses here are endless, I squeeze some on top of my green vegetables, drink with tea, use in my detox water with cucumber and mint, I clean the bathtub with the rind, I microwave them sometimes to clean my microwave, I add it to hot water and turmeric in the morning as a tonic sometimes)

6. Limes (also add to water, drinks)

7. Some sort of freshly baked bread loaf, usually artisan since the organic store by me carries a lot of local goods, usually kept in the freezer since mold will find it)

8. English muffins (also kept in the freezer)

9. Brussel sprouts

10. Eggs (my go to protein, I make english muffin sandwiches with eggs and cheddar and runny yolk, spinach with a splash of lemon and garlic and runny eggs, you get the idea)

11. Frozen berries (kept in freezer)

12. Bananas (Also kept in freezer)

13. Unsweetened almond milk



What’s in your fridge?






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