I have never been a fan of resolutions. Maybe I am more of a big picture type of person because those things come easier to me; they come more naturally. Resolutions so often end in failure that I usually give up before I start. Or I tell myself that every day is a new chance and that it does not have to be a new year for profound change.

Everyday, you wake up with a chance for a new life. To be a different person. To start a new hobby. Meet someone new. I have this outlook most days. I have this outlook often. But I am like everyone else, and I have bad days, bad weeks, bad years. I am not sure where in the middle 2013 lies, but it has been the best worst year in recent memory. There was a time that I would deny this; that my unhappiness was somehow my own fault and that I was doing something wrong in life. That it was my fault that some days I woke up, and genuinely thought that I didn’t want to get up and get dressed that day. I wanted a different life. It didn’t hit me that a series of circumstances and the lack of a tangible goal were attributing to my sadness. I was in a job that lead nowhere, and I ignored the small things I learned because I was not in a place that I pictured. Ever since I was a young girl, plans gave me comfort. I love to do lists, and even make ones for things I have already completed for the sheer joy of crossing them out again. It makes me feel productive to look at what I accomplished in a day because in some small way, it just means I am going forward. Or maybe just moving is a more accurate description. Even if those things were basic tasks. Plans comfort me like a warm bath. They reassure.

This time of year is particularly reflective for everyone, and I am no different. Even if these resolutions don’t come to fruition this year, it will keep me in the mindset that it is never too late to change your habits, and by extension, your life.

Here is what I want to work on this year:

1. Dress Better

I often keep around clothes that no longer fit me and do not make me feel confident. Since my financial situation has changed, this will be more possible to change. I want to carry myself with more grace and class, and I want  to project that attitude out into the world. I have made a date with myself to spend some time going into stores and trying things on, seeing what works and what doesn’t work on my body, and acknowledging that those things I don’t like about myself will eventually fade.

2. Keep my health a number one priority.

I have drastically overhauled my lifestyle this year, and it has shown on my body. I am happier, my skin glows, my breakouts are at a minimum, and I have cravings for green instead of junk food. I still treat myself now and again but many of the foods I thought were so good once before do not have the same appeal they once had. I used to be crazy about Wawa mac and cheese in college, yet when I tried it when I was home in Philadelphia over Christmas break, I was pretty unimpressed.

3. Keep Active

I have periods during the year where I never miss workouts, I go to yoga regularly, and I am mentally in a very happy place. As things get busier and busier, I let those regular parts of my routine fall by the wayside and I find myself getting more and more frusrated easily. These routines in my life take care of my body and spirit. I need to make them more of a priority.

4. Learn to love myself.

This year, of all years, has been the hardest for me in the sense that I have been my own harshest critic. I can’t really perform the best when someone is mean to me all the time. This ends now. I am living this year like I am Beyonce. Life is too short to be insecure about everything (even though everyone has those days, even Beyonce) and life is too precious to be wasted concerning yourself with what other people may think. The people I care most about have had a significant influence on the way I carry myself, and sometimes that is not always the best thing for me. Self acceptance is a beautiful thing. If I am not going to be there for me and put me first sometimes, I will not be a good person to lean on for everyone else.

What are you guys trying to work on this year?







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