Bushwick, Brooklyn

I moved almost fourteen weeks ago. It seems so short and so long at the same time. I miss my favorite spots in Philadelphia, and since NYC is so big, it can be a touch overwhelming sometimes. I am not sure if I could have done it if I didn’t know some people here to start with. I don’t have a local dim sum place that I can count on for a good dumpling, I don’t have my usual haunts of bookstores, coffeeshops, or a list of ten restaurants where I know the food will be incredible. However, I do have a list of new places to do all of this, and I have even more of a reason to get to know this city as much as possible. Being here really has taught me that you should take advantage of all opportunities, and I can’t say I have been doing that to the fullest. As with anything new, I have to take more steps to try new things and make more of an effort.

The newness is still exciting though, and it has been a long time since I have embraced the comforting hug of routine. While change is so amazing, sameness can be the warm comforter I seek at the end of the day. I live with two amazing people and we have a huge, spacious apartment (a pretty big claim in NYC). It has been an adjustment and I have had to take some time to make my place feel at home, but now we have a couch, candles and blankets. We have beautiful curtains, and a dining table with chairs. We are seeking out some artwork for the walls since they are a touch barren but I live with two artists, so that should not be too much of an issue. We painted the bathroom and the walls, and there have been lots of good memories made there already. The walls are brick and gorgeous and there are lovely tall windows and even a cool tin ceiling. The management is receptive to all our needs and we have been really lucky. This is the first real time I consider myself making it in this city, and it has been quite a ride.

We have a good deal, as we live in a converted opera house, and we even have a gym in the building, which has been keeping my stress level normal. I found a great yoga studio here that I need top spend more time in, but I adore. I signed up to take some shifts every week for them, and have met a ton of new people that way. I enjoy my Wednesday nights organizing the yoga studio, stacking blocks, wrapping up straps, and knowing that these classes make those that come to them feel loads better than before they walked in. New York is actually an amazing place to practice because it takes even more effort to turn everything off. I want to try a couple more studios during my time here, and I need to make more of an effort to get out of my comfort zone. On my list for sure is Strala on Broadway run by the gorgeous and funny Tara Stiles as well as Dharma Mittra’s studio. NYC has so many amazing things to do and try that sometimes making a decision can be utterly crippling. What a life right?

Anyway, I am so sorry for my absence! At my old job, where I was pretty miserable, I would make it a priority to blog often as a motivator to get all my work done. Now that my weekends have made it so that coming home at 4-5am is a normal occurrence, I have needed more time to recharge. I have still been drinking my usual green smoothies, but have had less and less time to experiment in the kitchen. I want to change this for the new year. Lately, I have had phases were I eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for weeks on end simply because it is convenient, delicious, and cheap. The foods I have been craving lately have been simple and comforting. Brown rice with lemon, tomato, and kale or toasts with goat cheese and roasted mushrooms with sriracha infused miso soup. I will challenge myself to come up with new recipes and give this blog some new content, s o keep your eyes peeled!



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