Make Your Own Rules


The only protection from life is not participating in it.

If you do anything at all with your life, people will comment in all directions. Some might be positive, some negative, and everything in between.

If you do something useful in your life people might be able to find value in what you offer. You might help people in more ways than you know.

If you do something creative in your life that catches on with more than a few people, you will be copied and criticized. You will also be praised and inspire a whole lot of people to do great thing with their lives..

If you are successful in your life, people will invent stories of your success that might not have any basis in what is true in your life. You are the only one that can define your success.

The great thing is this has all happened before to many many many people who live life, create things, do something useful, and find success and meaning.

You are not the first, nor the last to experience all of the above.

You can get stressed out by everything that isn’t right in line with how you think it should be, or you can realize that this all has happened a zillion times before and enjoy the adventures life presents to you.

The only thing that will save you from life is not participating in it. But I don’t that’s the kind of saving your looking for. It’s up to you.

Stay safe, keep put, and get in line, or make your own rules, take a risk, and enjoy the ride.

Tara Stiles

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