What’s on your:

Remember when everyone did surveys? Maybe it died the same time Xanga did.

From Vanity Fair, a survey:

Vanity: Nail polish, unopened soap from Duross and Langel that I have to use for fall, to do lists, nail polish remover

Feet: Essie, A list, my favorite color

Mind: Unsettled ocean, anxiety, future, trying to be present today but failing

Nightstand: library books, moleskins, a glass of water, vaseline for my eyes, coconut oil, nail polishes from Essie

Workout plan: Vinyasa, power yoga, planks, some cardio, some HIIT

Playlist: Sara Barielles, Blessed Unrest

Charities list: Anything for women and education especially international nonprofits

Walls of the favorite room in your house: It’s my kitchen and its walls are a tacky yellow that need to be repainted

Twiiter feed: Observations, gratitude sometimes, complaints, ambitions

Wish list: Travel and adventure

Shit list: Bigots, misogynists, racists

Go to menu: Asian or wine and cheese

Fantasy Itinerary: Germany -> Russia -> Hungary -> Turkey -> South America (all of it)

Bucket list: Travel every place

Pinterest Board: Recipes, outfits

Desktop Screensaver: the Holstee Manifesto

Online Bookmarks: Pinterest, travel blogs, how to travel cheaply, smitten kitchen, sprouted kitchen, Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth, The Exercist, Back on Pointe, This is Thin Privilege, Vulture, Though Catalog, The New York Times, The New Yorker, CNN, Crepes of Wrath

Fridge: Always on hand: Kale, spinach, a variety of veggies, whatever is on sale, some cheeses, english muffins, almond milk, mustard, miso paste, something I baked or made over the weekend, steamed sweet potatoes

Top five fears: Failure, losing everyone I love, not living a full life, not seeing the world, mediocirty

Ideal dinner party guest list: Anthony Bourdain, Bill Clinton, Louis C.K.

Biggest regrets list: Not taking chances, not taking leaps of faith

Quotes to live by list: Basically everything on the Holstee Manifesto.

Headstone if you could write it: Inspired many, lived a life she loved, embodied love and light. Never stopped smiling




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