Chinamoto, South Street Sundays and Gratitude

Gratitude posts:

  • August 6- Grateful that I have so many people I can reach out to in my life who are willing to help me climb up to where I want to be. I often don’t look at the bigger picture and I need to sometimes take a step back because I don’t have to figure everything out tomorrow. I feel unfulfilled in something I do over 40 hours a week, and anyone would feel a bit drained, and I am not fighting the battle alone. I am grateful I have a network of people who adore me and so much love in my life that I am ridiculous for thinking I ever didn’t have enough.
  • Endless gratitude to my yoga teachers, who have taught me that I can overcome anything, and that I am simply enough by just existing. I do enough, I say enough, and my whole being is more than enough.
  • August 7 – I am grateful that I have resources if I decide I want to better myself in any way. If I need someone to look over something, I have the resources to do so and I want to be that resource to those people as well. I truly think if you put positive energy out into the world, that positive energy will rebound on you. I want to spread this and make the world brighter in some small way.
  • I am grateful that I have the freedom for social mobility. I have the skills that can take me to great heights and all that I need is patience, while others have to face different opportunities. While I have challenges, they are not the same as the challenges of other people in the world who may be less fortunate.
  • August 8 – I am grateful I have motivation in my life to be the best version of myself. I have the resources to heal myself if I have a bad day and I am blessed that I have so many outlets in which I can relieve frustration.
  • Grateful that I woke up today with a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in, and blankets and pillows.
  • August 9- Grateful that I have a fridge full of food that I can pick from, and I can decide to have a different lunch everyday if I choose to do so.
  • Gratitude to one of the most inspiring men in my life, Edgar, who has done so much for others and keeps this country safe by just existing and doing what he does best. He has big dreams and has discovered his passion and i find that so amazing to be around because such passion is infectious. The fact that he gives so much and asks for so little is selfless.

I look forward to Sunday a lot because it always usually ends up being a good day. With yoga in the morning and hanging out with the cool people I have met there, I feel more positive every week and it energizes me to be the best version of myself. This past Sunday, I went to Chinamoto, one of the newer sushi restaurants that opened up near South Street but on Broad. I was ecstatic for sushi since it is one of my favorite things to eat and I haven’t been to a good sushi place in a long time. We feasted on whitefish tartare on avocado and mango, which is one of my favorite flavor combinations, had a great salmon avocado roll, and they had incredible seaweed salad and shumai, another two of my favorite things. The food was flawless and the service was impeccable too, so make sure you get over there if you are in Philly and want to support a new restaurant out! They have a great dining area where you can see the sushi being made and a bar, as well as plenty of outside seating.


Hope this weekend is just as glorious!




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