August- The Month of Gratitude

I truly think that life would be better if we reflected more, needed less, had less, and desired less. I am focusing on gratitude this month, as a challenge posed by my yoga studio, and I truly think they are on to something pretty amazing. I didn’t update enough on here to show you guys I have started with the beginning of the month, but my moleskine has kept me pretty accountable. I decided to settled one two things a day that I am grateful for.

  • August 1 – A job. I am employed and this time last year, that was my biggest worry. Steady money, no matter how little, is better than no money, always.
  • I am grateful for the love and light of my existence, my family, immediate and extended, who have given me more than they could ever know. They were strong when I wasn’t, they believed in me when I was at my lowest point, and I have so many people who truly care about me.  I am honored they chose to be in my life.
  • August 2– I am grateful for college loans, they are a price I have to pay for the lovely, privileged education I received. I went to an amazing school and was so stimulated by the discussions and not everyone has that opportunity. I don’t have instant gratification for how this education served me well, but part of me knows that it will come soon.
  • My lovely life here in Philadelphia. I am so quick to hate on this city because it doesn’t challenge me in the way I need to right now, but it welcomed me with open arms when I didn’t have anywhere else to go. I  have an awesome yogi community that healed me form the inside out, and teaches me something new in class about my body, my home, every day.
  • August 3– I am grateful for my mother. She is the embodiment of all that is good and beautiful in the world and truly, if I was only half the woman she was, I would be incredible.
  • I am grateful that I have access to clean water and fresh food, and that I have the money to not go hungry. I have a bank account, a checking and a savings, and I have money in my wallet, and I don’t have to think twice about swiping a transaction on my debit card. I have a debit card. I am richer than most.
  • August 4 – I am grateful that libraries exist. They are safe buildings for me. I will never lose respect of the written word. Especially now, when the age of technology has over, they are my mentors, my teachers, my guides, and no matter how far we advance, I hope that books will always live. Part of me knows they will, because reading a book is delicious from start to finish. No electronic thing will replace the turning of the pages, the smell of an old book, how the printed words swim before your eyes in a variety of fonts that go so well with every book’s character. There is nothing better.
  • I am grateful I am healthy. I am happy I have all my limbs, that I can run, that I can do anything I want to with some simple instructions for my brain. So thank you body for waking me up in the morning, letting me walk around and explore the world, giving me life through breathe, allowing me to go to yoga classes (one of my favorite things to do), letting me rest, and allowing me to live a comfortable life. You’re the best home I could ask for.
  • August 5 – I am grateful for technology, and allowing me to be connected with so many people I adore. It makes connecting with those oceans and miles away so much better and eases my heartache. I am grateful that I know how to operate a computer and how to operate it well, because it opens up so many doors that would otherwise be closed to me.
  • Endless gratitude to my father, who is smarter than most men I know, and who gives me such inspiration for leaving his home country, and being the most daring man I know. I adore him beyond words and he is such a good father, I am blessed to know how great a man could be. Now, that sets the bar really high for any other.


I challenge you guys to do this with me! It truly makes you appreciate what you have.

Love and light always,





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