lululemon Un-mat Review

The Lululemon Un-Mat is my favorite mat to practice on. With a sweat resistant top and the fact that it is foldable, lightweight, and easy to carry, it is the perfect fit for someone who commutes to work and then the yoga studio. Since I have been practicing steadily, which has only been about seven months, I have been impressed with the amount of sweat this little mat absorbs. It has gotten to the point where i hate using any yoga studio mats because they don’t offer me the same grip protection! My only complaint about this mat would be that it has little to zero cushioning, but since there are blankets for props in almost all the studios I have practiced at, it hasn’t been detrimental to my knees during my hip opening poses and of course in my beloved pigeon pose. Are you a commuter who carries their mat a lot? A biker? This mat is incredible and I can see using it for years to come. Thanks lulu!



One Comment to “lululemon Un-mat Review”

  1. I love my un-mat too! And I was totally surprised by how good the grip was!

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