Overnight Iced White Tea with Lavender and Neem Honey

Reasons to Drink Tea from Self

Reasons to Drink Tea from Shape Magazine

There is nothing like brewing tea for me. I love it so much that people have gotten me a cast iron teapot that would last a lifetime because of my passion for it. I can’t wait for a new apartment so it can proudly sit on display. Have you guys ever seen a cast iron teapot? It gets better the more you use it because you are never supposed to wash it and it builds up this amazing flavor after years and years of use. Mine is a very pretty dragonfly one. Anyway, I got some lovely lavender the other day and I have been wanting to use it! This was a great floral, summery drink that I am sure you will love on ice. Overnight tea is no hassle and the flavors are smooth and concentrated. All you have to do is put the tea bags in water and steep overnight. Much like overnight oats, no?


2 teaspoons dried French blue lavender

8 white tea teabags or tea of your choice(Earl Grey would be great here as well)

1 tablespoon neem organic honey, or honey on hand

1 large glass bottle/ pitcher


Make sure your lavender and tea bags (strings trimmed off) are at the bottom of your glass container or pitcher. The night before, pour fresh cold water into the glass bottle. Stir in honey and let sit overnight. Drink all throughout the next day, on ice if desired.



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