Weekly Updates

This week was a busy one, and sorry for my lack of posts in June! It has been a whirlwind of a month, with home practice and studio practice, meeting new people, seeing old friends, reconnecting, introductions, late nights, and a heavy caseload at work.

A week ago, I tried a really cute pizzeria near Rittenhouse Square named SLiCE with a couple friends, and the food was insanely good. They had inventive toppings and we ordered Silician chicken and white cheese with truffles and mushrooms. I highly recommend it because everything is made fresh to order, the service was fast and very hospitable, and since it is BYOB, you can bring whatever you want to drink with your pizza for a great meal. I love pizza, and this place definitely hit the spot. With thin crust, how can you go wrong?

After, we tried the goodness that is the fries with cheese sauce at Shake Shack, which is heaven on earth if you haven’t found it yet. A couple days later, I could not resist a dim sum night, and those pork filled soup dumplings fill a hole in my heart that I didn’t even know was there. We got some great bubble tea at I-Green in Chinatown, with the cutest cups and incredible service. They have taro flavored frozen yogurt! If that doesn’t make you want to rush there right now, you have a heart of stone. Featured below, some awesome books I have been reading (Read Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed for some of the most beautiful writing that will make your head spin), a Phillies game night, some great baked goods from Indian bakeries, the Philadelphia sky, homemade caprese with tomatoes we grew at the house ourselves, my new obsession with kefir, and a watermelon fourth as a birthday cake for my brother’s 21st. 20130701-161436.jpg














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