Maha Yoga Teacher Review


Jake: He is really great to work with, has a creative flow for every class, and I especially love that he does bikram so he has some great detox poses in every sequence. Knows his alignment so well, and I always learn something from him from each class I have gone to. There is no music to his classes, which is something that usually makes time go by slower for me, but in this case, I barely notice. Love his energy, and he is really knowledgable abut any question you have when it comes to a pose.


Teagan: She has incredible flow, and her power yoga background really shows in her classes. Great playlists. In fact, the first class I ever took with her was curated to a N’sync playlist because it was boy band week. She is hilarious, has a playful spirit, and I always love her classes. She has the heart of a child, so her classes are all great for play. I have pushed myself to my limits in her classes with side crow, but I am progressing!


Zhenja: She is one of the smartest yoga teachers I have ever met. Really taught me how to understand my body and accept it, and also to push myself. We worked on neck alignment yesterday, and she taught me how to make sure i never put too much stress on one body part. I loved her sequencing of poses, and it felt really natural to me.


Justicia: Hands down my favorite yoga teacher. Really encouraging, and her practice is beautiful and awe inspiring. She is so eloquent and her passion for yoga translates in everything she does. As one of the co owners of the studio, I have respect for her because it takes a lot to be business savvy and grow so much in your yoga practice. She always has an anecdote before class that resonates with me. The hour and a half I spend in her class always flies by.


Popular yogahour classes are held at 5pm everyday and noon everyday for 7 dollars each. I love the idea  of this because it makes yoga affordable and accessible for everyone. Even though you can always practice at home and learn on your own, there is nothing like being in a studio and trying out a yoga class because you have hands on alignment and your muscles remember that instruction to shape your practice forever.

Andrea: really knowledgable about alignment, twists, deep bends, and detox poses. I love her energy and her patience. She has some great moves for every class, for instance, we used the wall to stretch our thighs yesterday. She is also another yoga teacher who doesn’t use many props in her classes like a playlist, but I like that she brings in her personality to every class, and she has some useful tips to align yourself better in the poses.

Jean Jacques: challenging flow with some great twists and good instruction. I especially liked this side threading move for a deep arm stretch that he featured at the end of class. He has definitely made my Warrior poses better.


How do you guys like Maha? Location: 17th and Sansom

Check their beautiful community out here! Maha Yoga Studio


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