Private Yoga Sessions

This was incredibly helpful, as the foundations are so important in the practice, and it can be easy to let that structure go. My private session was with one of my favorite teachers at Dhyana Yoga, Sarah E, and she was extremely helpful with helping me set up the poses and enriching my practice. She added so much to the way I practice, correcting different parts of the way I do certain poses and focusing on my trouble spots, like my extremely tight hammies, and helping me understand that yoga is a long process. It takes years to build strength in certain areas and for the first couple years, are are shaping that strength. Luckily, muscles don’t forget. 

I encourage everyone to take a private session to hit a class that does not have many people, because you get hands on attention and it is great to focus on your trouble areas for growth.

In yoga, you are never wrong. You only get better with every warrior, you grow attuned to listening to your body and making sure you prevent injury, and you rreally respect the body for all the amazing things it can do.


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