Dhyana Yoga Teacher Recommendations

In the Philly area and need to get a yoga fix?

Here are some reviews of teachers at the biggest yoga studio chain in Philadelphia. As someone who works there and has taken many classes, I have sampled a variety of teachers and there are so many great people who will help you have an amazing experience. Funnily enough, I have not taken classes with the two owners of the studios, and it has been almost six months. I need to commit to some classes with them because I have interacted with them while manning the front desk and it has been fabulous!
My favorite yoga classes are actually very flowy and there is a lot of dynamic action. Here is a list of teachers and their classes that I enjoy taking whenever I can!

Sarra K.
She has a great attitude and playlist, as well as a pretty calm demeanor. She was in Thailand for a month and I really missed taking her Tuesday night classes. With a pretty smile and welcoming attitude, she has great detox poses like Eagle and spinal twists that really cleans you out from sitting at a desk all day.

Sarah Evancho
She is hands down my favorite teacher. Her classes are dynamic and strong, and she never misses a beat. Her flow is creative and luxuriously achey the next day, and you can really tell how many muscles you target. She is hilarious and her playlists are amazing. I always have a ball in her classes.

He is hilarious and has a really well rounded practice. Expect awesome handstands and expect to sweat a ton. He is referred as one of the handstand kings so expect a great breakdown of handstands if they have been evading you! I just signed up for a worship with him that will come very soon. If you have not noticed, I just love those classes that leave you deliciously sore.

He was the first teacher I ever took at Dhyana with one of my best friends, and he has a great practice. He is warm and funny, and has a very entertaining class. I love doubling up with him and Sarah on Thursdays, and he always brightens my day.

Great flow class with more spirituality in the mix. She has you take angel cards if you wish to set an intention for your practice, which is there to focus you if you need or what it in your practice.

Great, soft voice and provides great instruction. I ove her bubbly girl attitude and she is great to have for a teacher when you had a bad day at work because you can’t hep but smile.

Alexandra Holmes
Dynamic vinyasa flow class with emphasis on core. She is killer and amazing, and I cannot wait to take more with her. I love that she puts so much creativity into her flow, and again expect to sweat a ton. She trains teachers so you know that she knows her stuff and knows it well. I especially love that she knows how to engage certain muscles and teach your body to bring awareness to different parts of the body. For instance, if you want to make sure your legs are engaged, make sure you put a block in between your legs when you chaturunga and down dog.

Noelle Connelly
Hands down the most intense vinyasa flow teacher I ever had. She has some killer sequences that will have you feeling centered and sore for days. She is an amazing teacher with a huge wealth of knowledge.

Gina Stickney
Amazing soul, and she is the sweetest yoga teacher I ever met. Love her anusara inspired style, and I cannot wait to take more restorative flows with her.

Hope these reviews help!
Dhyana Yoga Locations
West Philly
Center City Rittenhouse
Olde City
Seva Center at 20th and Spring Garden


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