Crepes of Wrath

Sydney Kramer, the author of Crepes of Wrath, is an amazing food blogger with lovely recipes. She also leads a great life in Brooklyn, NY, where she writes about restaurants she’s tried, bars she has experienced, and her lovely life with her husband. At 24, she has experienced quite a lot, and it is amazing to read about her exciting adventures. She has inspired me to take advantage of going out to new places in Philadelphia, and writing about those experiences as well. I encourage you all to check out her blog, as it has fabulous cultural anecdotes, and some great information for checking out some restaurants if you are going to go to NYC anytime soon. She has shown me the world of the perfect chocolate chip cookie with sea salt, and it is reassuring to know other people find solace in prepping meals ahead of time. When she wrote about how it clears her mind, I recognized that I feel the exact same way. I love packaging lunches, which is what I do the most as a make ahead meal, and making everything just so that there is always something to drink or eat in the morning for breakfast. I like how well rounded her recipes are, and it is no surprise that she won the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie on Anderson Cooper,or that she has won awards for the best blog. She has a bright future head of her, and it would be fabulous to see a cookbook from her as well. Her reading has also inspired me to expand my horizons in terms of the books I check out at the library, and I am starting Blood, Bones, and Butter tonight.

Check out her glorious, beautiful blog here.

Cooking truly is a learning curve, and the recipes I attempted a year ago have completely changed. My tastebuds are different, and I crave kale the way someone craves a burger. This does not mean you all should stop craving “bad” foods, because everyone has their own tastes when it comes to what they like, and that is not a bad thing. This blog promotes a healthy, active lifestyle, but at the end of the day, this is my lifestyle and my passion. If this does not appeal to you, it does not make you wrong or less healthy, in fact there has been much disagreement about which diet is the BEST diet, and if diets should even be promoted. In many ways, this blog has helped me understand what I put into my body, and how skewed social media is in promoting a lifestyle that is completely unattainable. Luckily, I feel as though that this is being pointed out more and more, but there has to be significant progress made. It is funny that women aspire to be models when they are the unhealthiest individuals most of the time, and even with the skinniest thighs and the widest thigh gap, they still have a toxic mental body image. Doing my research on whole foods and vegetables did not teach e too much that I didn’t know. Fruits and vegetables have incredible potency and power, and I feel the best when I consume a lot of both. I never deprive myself, and even though I care so much now about what I put into my body, I needed to take steps to correct the destructive lifestyle I was living.

Eventually, I want to head back to school, and these new habits have instilled a different sort of mentality for me

As much as I love cooking, going out to eat is a completely different experience. You are able to try things that are not accessible in your home and some cuisine is just done better in certain restaurants. I have a deep love for pho, for example, the Vietnamese soup that is deliciously seasoned for 24 hours with beef stock, spices, and combined with silky soft rice noodles, cuts of delicious meats and soft steak, flank, and tendon. Topped with glorious sprouts and basil and a squeeze of lime and a ton of Sriracha, you have the perfect meal. This was exactly what I did last night with my dear friend Melissa. How delicious does this pho look!


Weekend drives through the city. I was headed to a binding workshop even though I can’t bind into many poses just yet, and three hours of Marni were incredible.20130409-120806.jpg

Color fun at the bikram studio.20130409-120826.jpg

A beautiful day in South Philly.20130409-120759.jpg

Using up all the oranges I have juiced this week. I added them into a mason jar filled with apple cider vinegar and let them hang out for two weeks. It cleaned pretty well!20130409-120843.jpg

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