Spoon Fork Bacon

As you guys know, there is a special place in my heart for a good food blog. I am not counting this one as one, obviously a. because that would be quite assuming b. because I do not have the lovely equipment or time to make it a work of art like many people do who are bloggers by profession. I consider mine more of a reflection of a 23 year old with some time on her hands but not a ton and wants a place to store her thoughts on fitness, body image, new recipes, and nurtures her love for trying new things. This is a Pinterest find, and the pictures for each of her recipes are extremely well designed, which is just so essential in a fabulous food blog. She is also hilarious when it comes to eating healthy and she has given me a plethora of recipes to work with to add some healthier swamps for my tastes. I haven’t cooked with butter or spreads or oils in a long time, so many of her recipes are giving me a great base to start from. Her site isn’t littered with advertisements and the design of it is simple, delicious, and the pastel colors make all the recipes pop.

Without further ado, check out Spoon Fork Bacon!



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