The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone

Meep. Mondays. Why are Fridays so far from Mondays and Mondays so close to Fridays?

I have read and reread this book numerous times, and checked it out so much that I feel like I need to just buy a copy! For those of you who know me personally, you know that libraries and bookstores are where I feel the most comfortable, and there are numerous books I would spend time with over people. This book promotes a vegan lifestyle, but takes it a step further by going the “Superhero” route, which is a step further from vegan, limited vegan processed products, and limiting baked goods and sweets, even if they are natural. The Superhero diet is what she follows eighty percent of the time and she is vegan the rest of the time. Her recipes are really easy to follow, and she has opened up a whole new world of the vegan life for me. I am not a vegan now, and I don’t now if I can commit to not eating cheese, but I do love vegan recipes so I do make them often. Maybe one day I will be forced to give up cheese forever, since I don’t tolerate lactose well now, but I love a good cheese and my favorite restaurants are wine cheese and bread based. Needless to say my favorite meal is brunch, and eggs are my sinfully delicious weakness. Right now, I cannot go vegan nor do I want to, so I will commit to what works for me for now. 

Alicia seems to really be benefiting from her new life, which is really refreshing to see. She had some health issues that were fixed by going vegan, and for some people this is the best way of eating and taking care of their bodies. I do not try to promote a certain diet on this blog, especially since I don’t think that diets work, but trying new recipes is always fun. I know what Alicia means is a lifestyle change as well, because she does not want you to go vegan or be a superhero and make it a one time thing, even though she does not judge if you are a meat eater or not. I like that she is open for everyone to try her recipes, because any meal without animals is benefiting the planet. I like healing foods like lentils, beans, nuts, and brown rice, so I will dabble in her Superhero recipes and let you know what I think of them. I love trying new things and while just eating lentils, brown rice, dark greens, and beans for the most part is boring for some people, it seems like a welcome change for me since I have eaten 80 percent great the last two weeks, but with birthdays and going to birthday parties and happy hour catching up with friends, my body isn’t feeling a hundred percent. I finished the last of the soy milk today and I am running to the store after work to grab some rice milk. Soy milk is very processed, and thankfully tofu is not as processed, otherwise I would not eat it a couple times a week. I am going to make some small changes and see what it does for my body, and as always, I am here to update you on how it goes. I think that my body just needs a rest from the constant partying (haha not really a party, just not eating as fresh as I have been in the past) and it would be nice to go back to eating some nice earthy foods. I am going to indulge these little cravings for now because I am sure my body is trying to tell me something.

Want more information?

Here is Alicia’s definition of the Superhero diet:
The Superhero plan is loosely based on the macrobiotic diet on top of a vegan foundation. That means, fresh whole foods, grown locally and in season… revolving around whole grains, vegetables, beans, and lots of other good things. White sugar, white flower, and processed junk should be avoided entirely.

How strict should you be?

First of all, I always feel better when I eat superhero. Overall, I’d say I eat superhero about 80% of the time and the rest vegan. This is a good approach for people who are generally healthy. When I’m getting ready for a role or an event, or I feel a little tired or off, I eat a very clean, as close as possible 100% superhero diet. A more strict superhero diet is also ideal if you are trying to lose weight or heal a specific illness or condition, like a bad cold or more serious illnesses like cancer. In the latter instance, I recommend seeing a macrobiotic counselor.

Is the Superhero diet only for sick people?

Many of the foods a sick person might eat on a strict superhero diet are delicious for healthy superheroes too! I eat healing foods like brown rice, beans, steamed bok choy or kale, and miso almost everyday. I just dabble in the vegan flirty world from time to time too. I generally don’t deprive myself of the occasional treat, like a vegan cookie, slice of vegan pizza, or a half glass of wine, sometimes more. Whenever I indulge, I know how to help my body recover. If I ever feel less than great, a cup of my healing tea or a good superhero meal usually brings me back to feeling my best.

That said, once you taste the glory of eating superhero and feeling so clean, balanced and pure, it’s hard to want anything else. But I still play a little with the flirty vegan stuff. The rest of the time, I’m macrobiotic/superhero, and I love it.

When I was in New York, the vegan food was way too delicious to resist! It was the holidays, and I wanted to try everything. I will say I was feeling way more tired, grumpy and weird, all because of the sugar and the excessive use of salt at restaurants. I was cooking to balance it out, so I wasn’t going too crazy, but now it feels so great to go back to serious superhero times. Even Christopher is being more superhero with me right now… Yay! So join us!

I hope this helps!



Want more information on The Kind Life?

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Whether you you are a meat lover or not, this book has something for everyone. It promotes being kind to the earth and her facts are very compelling, if you just want a good read. Her story is also interesting and she is not pretentious about her lifestyle. She wants you to flirt with recipes and see what you like, and there is something beautiful in the way she accepts everyone.




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