Healthy Happy Life

Kathy is a popular vegan blogger with over 125,000 readers. She has some easy recipes that are great to read, and I found some greta dishes I want to try on her site. The vegan lifestyle piques my interest, even though I do not want to follow a strictly vegan lifestyle at the moment. Her blog is for everyone, and while some ingredients may not be familiar to you, I find it very cool that she has things that are heart healthy for you. I have been introduced to new ways of cooking and new ingredients to incorporate into my diet because of her blog. Like all recipes, I am open to trying new things, and something that works for her body may not work for everyone. That being said, check out her blog because I am sure you will spend hours on it! She has a way of describing her dishes, and is gifted in writing about food. I am going to attempt her raw cheesecake at some point this week, when I have time. I bought some cashews and am curious how delicious a lemon twisted raw cheesecake would be.

Check her out guys!

Healthy, Happy Life with Kathy


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