This is Thin Privilege

My best friend Melissa told me about this fascinating Tumblr, with really informative submissions. She is one of the people in my life I can honestly say has given me such insight into such interesting topics like this one, and I am going to do my homework and read more about these types of stereotyping. It would take more words than this post allows for me to express how inspirational she is, but she is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met in my life. She stands up for what she believes in, and has something that I don’t have yet, which is unwavering determination in the life she wants to live and who she is. I am discovering more about the person I want to be everyday, and she is helping me figure out what my beliefs are, as well as how much I influence I have in leading a life i am very proud of.

I promote living a healthy lifestyle on this blog and I hope that some of my recipes make it easy for you to incorporate more veggies into your diet. But eating healthy and taking care of yourself is much different than subscribing to the notion that skinny always equals healthy. This is an issue that needs more attention and awareness.

This is a learning journey for me too, and for those of you who have been following this blog for a long time, you have seen how my tastes have expanded as time goes on. Most people have not read something like this before, including myself, and it has fascinated me. I hope that it fascinates you too.

This is Thin Privilege




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