Enlighten Up!

This is another documentary I have been watching, because my incredibly hot smart amazing has a girlfriend yoga teacher friend recommended it to me one Sunday shift. This documentary follows Kate Churchill and her guinea pig, Nick, who she picks because he has never done yoga before. She conducts interviews with renowned yoga experts and even takes him to India to practice there. This was especially beneficial to me because I do not know much about yoga as a practice besides that it feels really good to me and it is killer in detoxing me. I am more agile, more flexible, and my reflexes are better then they have ever been. I also glow. Something that feels this good can’t be a workout, or so I tell myself, but the results are awesome. I see how yoga means different things to different people, and the Western practice is an adaptation of this ancient art. There were many misconceptions she worked on reversing, and it was really enlightening to travel with her and Nick. Maybe one day when i have been practicing for years, I can go on a retreat and really have a spiritual experience like that. I can only honestly say I avidly practice for the last three months. I have sampled yoga in the past and now, it is a core component of my workout plan. I was pleasantly surprised at Nick’s skeptical attitude because it used to be me too. I think that yoga played the role it needed to in his life though, because he got more insight into what he wants to do, and I needed that for myself.


Check it out guys!





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