Documentary Binge: Hungry for Change: Food Matters

I was completely impressed by this documentary. I learned so many new great, disturbing facts about corn syrup and how eating habits have changed throughout the years. The documentary had the message that preventative medicine is the best medicine, and I could not agree more. Joe Cross made another appearance in this one. I was impressed with the experts they included in this film and the disturbing facts of many food items that we all consume on a daily basis. I never drink soda, but now I never ever will. This is a must see and I highly recommend it. The food aspect of our culture is an important one to understand, and making educated choices only comes about when you know the information. I was appalled at the lack of information the FDA is allowed to label on things they approve, and I am a firm believer that they should be more strict. While I wholeheartedly believe that you should make educated choices about what you put into your body, I also believe that those changes are completely up to you. I have been eating clean for about seven months now, and there is really no way that I can go back. It takes me a long time to digest processed foods, and leaves me feeling sluggish all day. These documentaries have given me the tools to make educated choices about my diet and to think twice about what I put into my body.

And guys, it’s never looked better.



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