Review of Bikram Yoga

Morning everyone! Sorry that this post is so late! I went to my first Bikram class a couple weeks ago and I have been meaning to write about it for some time now. I bought a Groupon earlier in the year for the Bikram studio in University City for a steal, and I have been wanting to try the style for a while now. It was a cold, cold Wednesday night when I made it there for the first time, and the service was impeccable. The studio is clean and spacious, and there is plenty of space for a shower after you are done class. They recommend that you shower before you go to class as well but coming from work, I wanted to settle into the room and get used to the temperature before the intense ninety minutes. I have read reviews of Bikram classes before and there was not too much that surprised me, and surprisingly, the temperature didn’t bother me at all. I think that since it was a dry heat, there was not as much pressure on my body, and I have been used to hot yoga classes, so the twenty degree jump was not too horrible. The poses were somewhat painful, but I felt invigorated afterwards. The instructor was a beautiful man with soft chocolate eyes and a playful smile. He seemed to know the benefits and material well on Bikram, and the class was a good size, where he could come around and help you with the poses. There were a variety of people there, and I can see why this style of vigorous, structured yoga appeals to many people. I would not go to this class regularly, as in every day, but a couple times a week seemed to get rid of toxins in the body and keeps you feeling tight and fresh. I definitely think that everyone should try it at least once! Here are some tips for your first class!

1. Bring a towel for your yoga mat. There are towels there, depending on your studio but it is always good to bring your own in so that you know it is clean.

2. Bring water! There are some water breaks but one bottle suffices. Don’t drink too much water after or before your class and try to take small sips.

3. With the shower after and the class you can expect a two hour commitment per class.

4. Know your limits but also know that you should also try to push yourself so know what your limits are.

5. It is okay if you cannot get a certain pose or position, some of us won’t ever be able to reach a certain position simply because of the way our bones are stacked, and that is also okay.

6. Tell your instructor it is your first class, and they should tell you that the most important thing to do for your first one is simply stay in the room.

7. Take some time after class to get used to the temperature outside.

8. Come to class early and get used to the heat. A simple corpse pose or sitting with your knees up and your back on the floor is a good way to transition into the class.

9. Bikram attire: simple spandex shorts and a tank and sports bra or for guys, some athletic shorts! You are going to be sweating a lot and you don’t want anything super loose.

How do you guys like Bikram?




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