Spinach Cucumber Nori Wraps with Roasted Chicken

I love nori wraps! They are super great to travel with and easy. They don’t crack or get messy and are super durable. They hold up well to a bunch of ingredients. They can handle creamy fillings or do well with vegetables. I have only been trying some simple combinations lately but I am going to try more next week and show you guys what I have been coming up with! These have great flavor from the roasted chicken and the crisp light flavors of spinach and cucumber made a filling lunch! I would add more veggies next time, but this is a great combination. Did you know seaweed is a great source of vegetable protein and one of the few raw sources of B12?

2 nori wraps, they can be found at any supermarket in the international foods aisle or Asian supermarkets
1/3 cup roasted chicken, this tastes best with fresh ingredients so go for organic or farm raised roasted chicken if you are going with the meat route on this one
1 cup spinach
1/3 cup sliced cucumbers
Freshly ground black pepper


Assemble all ingredients on nori and wrap! Enjoy!




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