Taking a 30 day studio yoga challenge

What do you guys think of new year resolutions?


Personally, I don’t really make many or at least I try not to because I think that if you want something, you should not really limit yourself to a certain date to start living your life. This is pretty true for me and has served me well. But I have always had a special place in my heart for the idea of a new slate, the idea of a fresh start. I think we all like to think that our actions yesterday or years ago don’t matter, but they have shaped us to be the people we are today. A year of eating terrible food gave me a lot to get rid of (and weight was probably at the end of that list) and I started the day I graduated college. I don’t think it is realistic to think that every meal you are going to eat is going to be healthy. It isn’t, and if you wanted to homecook every meal in your life, you would miss out on so many resturants, on going on numerous dates, on happy hours an appetizers. So much of what we do is connected to food and how we enjoy each other’s company. I would not stay home and eat a meal alone if I had the option to go out and eat with my friends.

Like everything else, moderation is good in moderation.

So I decided that even though I do not really believe in New Year’s resolutions, there is nothing wrong with trying to be a better person than you were yesterday. Even though I love yoga, doing it in a group setting is completely different. What I love about yoga is that you can do it anywhere and you don’t need equipment. All of the equipment is completely optional. You really don’t even need a mat. I take one for comfort purposes. Most people do.

Anyway, today is my first day of the 30 day yoga challenge. You should take advantage of all these fitness deals that people are offering. Philadelphia is no different and Dhyana Yoga in Rittenhouse is offering you first class ever free for the whole month of January. So if you are here and not taking advantage of this awesome deal, you should. They also have three weeks of unlimited yoga for $30 which adds to my 30 days of yoga and then I am taking a weeklong class at a bikram studio. I have not done hot yoga ever and I have always wanted to try that. I will let you know how it goes my friends! Stay tuned for me being eager with my yoga mat. I got some stares on the El this morning when I trekked it into work. My best friend is coming with me tonight and I have heard good things about this studio so if I love it tonight, the 21 days of studio yoga start on Monday!

Wish me good luck!




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