As 2012 draws to a close, and there are two days left in this beautiful year, I am reminded of how I never gave 2012 the appreciation it is due. This year, I lost 20 pounds, graduated college with honors in my major, found a job that allows me to get myself established somewhere and figure out what I want out of my life, and I made some healthy habits my go tos, instead of a diet. I never believed in diets, and this year out of all years, I have grown professionally and personally in so many different ways.

I am not going to sugarcoat it. This year, at so many points, I was brought to my lowest level. I felt pretty terrible about myself and it showed, as much as I tried to fake it sometimes. I have always been the type that fakes it until she makes it, believing that if I pretended I was happy for long enough, I would be. It was a combination of things that made me feel pretty awful about my life, and I am not going to go into detail here, but basically I wish I had known that comparing yourself to other people is always useless. It took me a while to realize the only person I need to compete with is the person I was yesterday, and it is still something I have to work on, but overall I am so happy. Everyday isn’t perfect, but there is something perfect about everyday. For months, I focused on the negative. It took me a while to love me. In fact, sadly, I wasn’t even sure why people did. This is one of those years in your twenties where you grow so much, and the girl I was in January is completely different than the girl I am now. Do I have everything figured out? Absolutely not.

And honestly?

I wouldn’t want it any other way.


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