I completely understand why companies do not want to hire recent grads.

I don’t think my college education, as great as it was, really taught me anything about the real world. In college, you can write the paper the night before. You fail but it’s a contained failure. You can try again. There are people there to help you and make you better. You are coddled in a way that you should be. You don’t pay rent and no one forecloses on you if you cannot pay for the month. My college experience was an interesting one. It was only until I left that I realized how easy I had it.

I needed to be rejected from jobs and feel like I wasn’t really worth anything to realize I was worth something. The beginning wasn’t easy. I had some bad luck when it came to interviews, from elitist men who thought I was nothing, to companies that barely noticed me. New York City intimated me. I didn’t think I belonged here and some days, I still don’t. I notice myself getting more competitive as I look for more opportunities to advance myself, and it has been a grueling process. I cannot believe May was almost five months ago. Since then, I have been rejected from countless jobs and my skin has grown thicker every single time. It used to be personal to me, because they judged me on that one piece of resume paper, and it taught me that no one can do my own marketing for me. It is my job to get myself out there, and if no one notices me, it is my own fault.

I need to separate myself from others and stop thinking that what others do have any effect on me. I think the comparison characteristic that is so common in all of us makes us feel as though we are not good enough. It took 22 years for me to realize none of those things matter, and at the end of the day, if I am doing my best and making myself proud, then I did the right thing.

I did not create this blog to write about recipes that are so much better than anyone else’s and that my way of eating should be THE way of eating. I just wanted a resource out there for people who want to eat healthily and need some creative ways of doing so. Even though the weight loss is a great thing, I did not start eating better to lose weight. I was feeling disgusting about myself but I knew that my body was changing, and I needed to account for that. My tastes were changing. I like that most of my diet is vegetarian but it wasn’t designed to be that way. I am sticking with tastes and grains that I love to eat, and designing some recipes for people that are based on what I eat everyday. I don’t want to change anyone. If you want to eat red meat all the time and you are passionate about it, go for it. I do not think that everyone has the same body, the same metabolism, and that what works for one person will work for everyone.

Thanks for reading this blog that ended up being one of my favorite hobbies, it means a lot that you take time out of your day to read it.



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